Hi, I am Philippe Collus.

I come from the gastronomic region of France located between Lyon and Grenoble, where I trained for 4 years and where my inspiration for cooking originates!

During my training years, I worked at a Michelin Star restaurant in Lyon – The Pierre Orsi.

I lived and worked in Connecticut, USA, where one of my fondest memories is of the phenomenal Lobster feasts we had!

After a short contract in Germany, I spent seven years in the Hotel Industry in England before returning to France with my wife, Trudi.

I worked on numerous occasions on hotel-barges, cruising rivers and canals of France.

Since 2005, when I started Service Compris, I have been cooking at all levels in the Haute Savoie: for chalet guests, weddings, touring musicians playing local festivals, even for an internationally renowned movie star who was on holiday in Chamonix.